Drawing 101 and Why I Hate It.

Drawing is the worst!  I hate it as much as I hate black licorice and cleaning grout.  I am happy to sketch ideas in a loose, 'who cares' style, but drawing is another matter entirely. It requires refinement and detail, two things I scoff at when making my paintings. I am whimsy and spontaneity, dammit! I have no time for details. 

So why am I making myself do something I hate doing? It's called GROWTH, man. 

And to be honest, maybe a large part of the reason I hate drawing is because I'm not very good at it. It saps my confidence. My inner critic screams, "How can you consider yourself an artist if you can't even draw well?  

And then later I catch myself telling one of my children that they should try new things and not only do the things they're already good at. One does not get good at something without being bad at it for a while first.

So, I draw now. And the good news is, I can draw digitally on my iPad using Procreate and the snazzy Apple Pencil, and I am not burning through pink erasers because I have unlimited erasing. 

Another thing I've discovered is that drawing is a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I can totally zone out while doing it and as long as the subject I'm drawing is not boring, it can hold my attention long enough to get the practice in. 

Here's what I have been working on lately. I wouldn't say it's done, but it's about as far as I can take it with my current skill set.  If you can tell what/who this is, at least I have that much going for me. Please leave a gentle comment if you know. 

And...I'm planning on casually participating in #inktober, which means a new ink-style drawing for every day in October. If you want to join in on Inktober, below are the daily prompts. Or just go to inktober.com for details. 








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