About the Artist

Artist Kasey Wanford is based in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon-based artist, Kasey Wanford, has been making art her entire life in one fashion or another, but started painting seriously just a few years ago. She took classes in art history and sculpting in college but left with a Political Science degree which she never used. She realizes now that was a mistake and she should have focused on art the entire time. In the years after graduating, she worked in marketing and advertising, contributing to companies' artistic vision using her eye for good design and cohesive messaging. Later she had two kids and stayed home with them through diapers and play dates. Now she spends her time creating art. The name for the website, TDL Art, came from her desire to put art at the top of her "to do list".

Kasey paints primarily with acrylics or watercolors. On occasion, she makes mixed media using collage or embroidery elements. She approaches her work as a curious explorer!

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