Kasey's Blog

  • Drawing 101 and Why I Hate It.

    Why I am drawing when I hate it so much. Get ready, because this is the opposite of the "do the things you love" argument.
  • Take advantage of my moving with a sale!

    I am moving my home and studio soon, so I'm having a sale!  I'd rather ship paintings (or hand deliver if you are local to Portland, Oregon), than ...
  • Bad Art Happens to Good Artists. Why That's Necessary.

    Lately I've been making a lot of bad art. I realize art is subjective and "in the eye of the beholder," but what I mean is--the paintings I've been...
  • Sculpting in 2D

    Sculpting and painting, painting and sculpting. Kasey discovers the fun of acrylic modeling paste.
  • Summer is Over. Why Aren't You Painting?

    Trouble getting started! Busting the evil studio spirits.
  • On writing and being creative.

    Blocking or channeling the creative flow.
  • Oregon is great inspiration for landscape artists

    Oregon has more trees than people, or so they say (Someone should fact check that). Natural landscapes abound here, and I and my artist friends lov...