About the Artist


Kasey Wanford abstract artist at TDL Art


Hello! I'm Kasey Wanford, and I am a self-taught artist*. I live in the Portland, Oregon area with my husband, two sons, and an irritable but cute dog. I paint in an expressive abstract style focusing on color relationships and form. My mediums of choice are primarily acrylic and watercolor, and I also have a robust digital art journaling practice. I've always been artsy, but I started painting seriously in 2017 when my children became old enough to raise themselves.**
When you look at my artwork, my hope is that you'll see not just the design but also the feeling the work evokes. Because what is life without feeling? And what is art even about if it is not about life? 
For me, painting is an expression of deep thought and emotion. My abstract work can be viewed as my inner self, a spirit yearning to connect and grow. The name for my website, TDL Art, came from my desire to put art at the top of my "to-do list". 
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*Not really self-taught because I've had some fabulous teachers, but that's what you say when you're an artist who didn't attend a fancy art institution. I went to college in Utah and got a B.A. in Political Science. That degree hasn't helped my art career at all. 
**That's a joke. We're letting technology raise them