"Blue Mt. Hood" 8x10 watercolor by Kasey Wanford. View from Mirror Lake in Oregon

Oregon is great inspiration for landscape artists

Oregon has more trees than people, or so they say (Someone should fact check that). Natural landscapes abound here, and I and my artist friends love to paint Oregon landscapes. The mountains, forests and coastlines are beautiful and full of inspiration for artists.

Plein air painting in Oregon can be wonderful when you have the time. Despite outside perception, it doesn't rain all the time in the Pacific Northwest.

As for me, I tend to just bring my camera phone with me on hikes and use the photos I take as references in my home art studio. It's easier than lugging all my art supplies and wet canvases around, and in my studio, I'm in complete control of my surroundings. Unless my kids are home. 

Here is my outside set up. I think I was using oil paints this day. Oils do not dry as fast in the sun.


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