Preparing for my first Open Studios on Oct 8-9, 15-16th, 2022

 Portland Open Studios 2022 

It's been quite the busy few weeks of preparing for my first Open Studio. Open Studio is when an artist opens up their studio to the public, like an open house. It's education, community enrichment, and an opportunity for the artist to sell work that's just been hanging around unseen. 

Although this is my first time participating in the grand Portland Open Studios as an artist, I've visited some of the tour stops before, and enjoyed it very much. I was able to ask artists about their process and get insight into what motivates them in their art. It's an opportunity to make a real connection with an artist you admire, and gain a deeper understanding about their work.

I hope you'll join me in my studio. I'm looking forward to seeing many folks!  For directions, visit my artist page at Portland Open Studio's website.  I am artist #117.  I'll be greeting visitors Oct 8,9,15,16 from 10am-5pm.

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