Sculpting a painting

Sculpting in 2D

I used to love pottery and sculpting. I suspect I still do love it, but my current studio set up does not include enough room for a clay station.  Something I've noticed when I'm painting abstracts, and my mind zones out a little to express feeling, rather than concrete thoughts in the artwork, is that I treat the paint and the canvas like sculpture. I use my palette knife to scrape away layers, add more layers, and scrape again. 

So it isn't a surprise that I have been using modeling paste in my most recent abstract pieces so I have more to carve.  I love the dimension and texture it adds and I feel the need to keep the compositions simple to let the artwork's texture receive the viewer's attention. 

"Worlds Inside" 9x12

"Things I learned in Prism" 9x14



All work for sale

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