Better Days by Kasey Wanford. Acrylic on canvas.

Summer is Over. Why Aren't You Painting?

Summer is over. My sons are back in school. I have been looking forward to this time for so long!  I'll finally be able to return to hours of uninterrupted art-making bliss in my studio.  Perfect, right? Er, no.

It's been a week. Okay, it's been two weeks.  I've barely painted anything. What gives? 

I am not positive what's going on with me, but it has something to do with being disappointed with my process in previous years and wanting to start fresh with a new outlook and new routine that will lead to more productivity and better inspiration.  I don't know where to start so I haven't.  It feels like if I start off on the wrong foot I'll stay wrong for the rest of school year. Dumb, I know. It explains my reluctance but doesn't hold up as an excuse. I need to paint!

This afternoon I listened to the Artists Helping Artists podcast titled, "15 Ways to Get Inspired About Your Art."  I found the tips helpful in my time of need. Many of them are things I would do already, such as visit art supply stores and watch other artists paint, but there were other tips I hadn't considered. Take a listen if you get a chance. 

I've also been cleaning up my studio and rearranging my work space, in an effort to ward off any slump-inducing evil spirits that might be hiding under old canvases. I've been thinking about my routine and how to maximize my painting time.

The most important tip, I think, is to just paint whatever you feel like painting, even if it's not your genre. Even if it's just a still-life study. Even if it isn't painting at all but is sketching with crayons. It's all slump busting and should lead to better things.  I'm working on it. 


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