Free St. Valentine's Day Card Printable From TDL Art

Free abstract design printable greeting card

This Valentines Day card was fun to make! I hope you like it! Inside it says, "You are loved" in scripted font.

Download this free Valentine's Day Printable Greeting Card.pdf


  1. Print on 8 1/2 x 11 inches printer-friendly cardstock if you have it. It makes it more card like! 
  2. Set the print quality to "high".
  3. This prints on both sides, so you may have to manually turn the paper over after the first page prints and feed it into your printer, depending on what kind of printer you have. 
  4. Use the printed crop lines as guides for trimming. It will be 5 x 7 inches after trimming.
Two page layout view of valentines day printable


Note: This free greeting card art was designed by me, Kasey Wanford, and is provided here for personal use only. It should not be repurposed or resold without my permission. The above image was provided by Canva, which what I used to make this greeting card template.

 TDLart Valentine Abstract Art front image