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"Frequent Reflector" original painting by Kasey Wanford

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Frequent Reflector is an original abstract painting made with acrylic paints on yupo. Signed. 

Acrylic on yupo paper. Unframed. 8x11 inches (20.32cm x 28cm).

About yupo: Yupo paper is a synthetic substrate made of 100% polypropylene. It is non-absorbent, so water media paints like fluid acrylics spread on the surface in interesting ways before they dry. I enjoy working on yupo! Once the underlayer is dry, I use acrylic markers and heavier body acrylic paints to form a composition that responds to the pathways made by the fluid paints. 

Image size is 8x11 inches (20.32cm x 28cm), painted on 9x12 inch yupo. Painted by Kasey Wanford in 2022.