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TDL Art by Kasey Wanford

“It Might Be Your Lenses" an original painting by Kasey Wanford

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It Might Be Your Lenses, an original painting by Kasey Wanford. 

We all see things differently, even if we are staring at the same subject. How else can we explain how people can come to two different conclusions with the same information? Our lenses are simply different.


Discover the gorgeous work of Kasey Wanford's "It Might be Your Lenses". This stunning contemporary piece blends bold strokes and vibrant hues for an eye-catching effect that will bring life to your decor. Add this piece as a centerpiece to your collection! 

40"x 30" inches acrylic on canvas. If shipping is required, this painting will be carefully removed from its stretcher bars and the canvas will be shipped rolled. Purchaser will need to take it to a framer for restretching. 

Completed in 2023.